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DR. FROG - Instruction

The product is intended for the treatment of:

  • hoof affected by thrush
  • damaged white line
  • hoof abscess

Thanks to its long-term development, optimized on the most suitable proportions of primary substances based on ethanol, dimethyl ether, beech tar and also in combination with a spray application form with a tube with the possibility of application in the upside-down position, it provides excellent penetration into the deepest structures, protection against penetration and multiplication of microorganisms and thus the development of thrush of the frog of the hoof. Approval number of the veterinary medicinal product in Czech republic is 295-21/C. Consult your veterinarian for any horse diseases.

Clean and dry the hoof properly. The central sulcus must be free of all impurities, especially the characteristic smelling gray-black “greasy” discharge of the bacterial decomposition of the horn, preferably by wiping with gauze using a hoof pick. In case of greater thrush, ask your farrier to remove the very affected horn.

The spray form allows easy and effective application directly to the affected area using the included tube (adjust the length as needed). Shake before use and spray the product directly on the affected areas on the underside of the hoof and adjacent parts weakened by thrush. The product can also be applied upside-down.

The usual application is carried out for 2-3 s on the affected area from the deepest structures (using a tube) towards the surface of the hoof, or according to the extent of the affected condition. At the beginning, repeat daily at first, and with a gradual increase in a healthy unaffected horn, you can reduce the interval every other day until the treatment is gradually discontinued.

Do not apply to the coronary band, the product is intended only for the treatment of the hoof horn.

Video of treatment horse hoove thrush

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