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Dr. Frog – Treatment for horse hooves affected by thrush 200 ml

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The product is intended for the treatment of:

  • hoof affected by thrush
  • damaged white line
  • hoof abscess

Thanks to its long-term development, optimized on the most suitable proportions of primary substances based on ethanol, dimethyl ether, beech tar and also in combination with a spray application form with a tube with the possibility of application in the upside-down position, it provides excellent penetration into the deepest structures, protection against penetration and multiplication of microorganisms and thus the development of thrush of the frog of the hoof. Approval number of the veterinary product in Czech republic is 295-21/C. Consult your veterinarian for any horse diseases.

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Weight 0.22 kg

100% product, Fully functional product with cosmetic or sensory packaging defects.