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In stock

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Product description:

Dr. FROG – HERBAL HOOF OIL is used for the surface treatment of the hoof.

Thanks to its original composition based on sunflower, almond, lanolin, lavender oil and vitamin E, it provides protection against drying and increases the suppleness of the horn. The herbal mixture of oils adds color and shine to the hoof and protects it from an aggressive environment.

The purposefully developed combination of filling and aerosol atomizer minimizes the hissing sound and possible adverse reaction of the horse.

Consult your veterinarian for any horse diseases.


Instructions for use:

Apply to a clean hoof. The spray form allows easy, quick, targeted and clean application directly to the desired place of the hoof. Shake before use. Spray the product from a distance of approximately 10-15 cm with a smooth movement directly on the desired place of the hoof. The usual application takes approximately 2-3 seconds, or even longer as needed. The product is intended for the treatment of hoof horn. The product can also be applied upside down. Be extra careful when applying to fearful or temperamental horses. The production date and expiration date are indicated on the bottom of the container.

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